Friday, May 30, 2014


Crop named latin Carica papaya L or known also by the name of papaya is a plant native to southern Mexico and northern parts of South America, but the crop with a sweet taste and is now spreading its widely grown throughout the tropics for its fruit taken. Carica papaya is the only type in the genus Carica. In Indonesia, the name is taken from the language Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia of papaya in the Netherlands, "papaja", which in turn took the name Arawak language, "papaya". Other names in the Indonesian province of Java papaya called "Kates" and for the county Sunda "grapefruit". Papaya is a fruit crop of the family Caricaceae. This plant is native to Central America & West Indies, as well as the area around Mexico & Costa Rica. Papaya plants are not "unreasonable" because papaya easily cultivated and can live in many places, both in the tropics or sub-tropics. The fruit can also live in dry or wet areas or in low lying areas or mountainous areas, to make papaya plants grow in almost all parts of the world.
If viewed from the benefits, Papaya is one of a kind pieces that have a lot of benefits. As well as desserts and menyuplai needs vitamins A & C, papaya can also be treated for food as DODOL papaya, papaya extract, and so on. In the industrial world, papaya is also commonly used as feedstock for the manufacture of tomato sauce. In addition to edible fruit, other parts of the papaya plant can also be used for treatment.
Papaya Growing How Good And True
- The roots of papaya Can be used to cure kidney and bladder pain.
- The leaves of papaya Papaya can be used malaria drug, fever, abdominal cramps, appetite enhancer, and beri-beri.
- Rubber Rubber white part of the rind of papaya, contain protein splitting enzyme called "papaine" that can be used to melunakan meat, as cosmetic ingredients, as a clarifier in the beverage industry, as well as harnessed for various purposes for the world of pharmaceutical & textile industry.

BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA Although papaya plants can live in various places, but to be able to be in production very well, takes place with the wind is not too strong because it takes the pollination of flowers. The papaya plant also like torrential rain area ranges between 1000-2000 mm / year, with an optimum air temperature 22-26 degrees Celsius and the humidity around 40%.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A good environment is very supportive of growth prawns

Prawns like searching for food at night or in the dark ( nocturnal ) . Prawns are greedy animals and eating everything ( Omnivore ) . Food includes microorganisms , plankton , algae , moss , even grain . Prawns also have the potential to transform and cannibalism
Agen Casino Online ( eating prawns others ) , especially prawns which were in a state of molt very prone to eat his own when in the pool or pond less available food . So as to avoid cannibalism is the nature , need to be given extra food ( In Feed Rate ) .
Prawns naturally live in the river associated with the sea , this is because during the growth of the larvae to juvenile ( fry ) live in brackish water . Then the post- larva to adult and breeding process ( marriage ) takes place in freshwater prawns can also be cultivated in brackish water ponds , provided salinity ( salinity ) not more than 7 PROMIL . Ideally prawns very well if cultivated at an altitude of 400 m to 500 m from sea level . But still can tolerate up to an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level .

Sampling for health testing prawns ( Macrobrachium rosenbergii ) with a random number of shrimp in accordance with the need for visual and microscopic observation .
Visual observations made ​​for the examination of the symptoms of disease and morphological perfection prawns ( Macrobrachium rosenbergii ) .
Microscopic observations made ​​for the examination bodies pathogens ( parasites , fungi , viruses and bacteria ) in the laboratory .

Agen Judi BolaDisease that often attacks are caused by shrimp mossy water depth in the pond inadequate with poor circulation , to overcome problems with water circulation can be installed windmills .5 . FUTURE HARVEST prawns

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Leaf blight ( Helminthosporium turcicum )

Leaf blight ( Helminthosporium turcicum ) , the disease attacks the leaves of the early symptoms of patches of small oval blight that develops into a grayish brown . Usually the attacks are found on older leaves ( bottom ) and then spread to youngerAgen Bola Tangkas leaves ( above ) . In severe circumstances can menyababkan death in plants such as the appearance of dry leaves on fire . To control use resistant varieties , good tillage , weeding and spacing . On the cultivation of non - organic sweet corn can be applied fungicides .
Leaf blight ( Curvularia sp . ) , This fungus causes leaf blight with early symptoms of irregular blotches on leaf tips , central whitish brown spots with dark brown fringe . Spotting extends to the base of the leaves to make the entire leaf dries . The disease is rapidly spreading in conditions of high humidity and rainfall . Control by selecting resistant varieties , improved soil drainage , improving sanitation and eliminate garden plants or parts of plants affected .
Sheath blight ( Rhizoctonia solani ) , a foul on the midrib symptoms . Originally attack on the part of the plant that is closest to the ground and then spread to other parts . In particular variety to the attack bida cob pieces . Control to regulate the cultivation of sweet corn to dry season , planting varieties with distance from the ground high enough cobs , leaves merompes contact with the soil , weed the garden , cut the plants attacked and apply cro
Jual Website Murahp rotation .

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Reproduction , Wedding

Earthworm including hermaphrodite animals , that have male & female genitalia in one body. However, for the conception , he himself did not camp . dr mating pair of earthworms, they will be produced a YG cocoons containing eggs. Oval cocoons & measures approximately 1/3 of a match head . These cocoons are placed in moist vantage point . Within
Jual Website Murah 14-21 days the cocoons will hatch . Each cocoon will produce 2-20 pieces , on average, 4 dogs . Chance of 100 worms worms camp produces 100,000 within 1 year . Earthworms from adults after the age of 2-3 months marked with the bracelet ( klitelum ) pd body front. For 7-10 days after the marriage produced one adult worm cocoons .
Practical PemeliharaanCara Beternak Worm Land / Lumbricus sp.
One of the keys to success in keeping fish sidat is beternak worm own way , be it silk worms for eel or magnification glass beternak earthworms. Dedicated to earthworms is the easiest and thus have a high enough sale price if sold or made ​​into flour worms live is kind of worm Lumbricus sp. As we know that the seeds of nature fish catches often sidat bad condition , due to many reasons. Of course after arriving at pembudidaya and then cultured in the swimming next problem is that the death rate is high enough and sidat not want to eat . Well one solution having other things to do is train sidat fish would eat earthworms or worm lumbricus . Because it is very helpful if we had kept the worms themselves. The worms eat the fish condition sidat will recover quickly and easily next to be trained to eat other food . Here's how to keep it practical .
a. Raising Media worm Lumbricus
The first preparation in cultured worms lumbricus is media or the place whereThese worms live and breed . Media for perkembangbiakan worms must have the conditions as follows :Conditions Media worm .• Organic matter is petty , mean media should be loose and not easy to be compact because its observance will be added within a liquid feed and new media periodically. Besides for his worm will remove dirt in the form of small details such as the ground. Manure worms and liquid feed after some time will make the media so wet , tarnish and agglomerate , which can inhibit the growth of the worms and the eggs hatch . Therefore it is necessary media crumbs , loose , not easy to agglomerate , warm , although eventually the media will eat worms and knocked but the process went very long , about 2 - 3bulan . Besides this media
Wisata Pulau Pari flexibility as air circulation and so the worms can move freely anywhere. One more thing , if the media profits worm is loose , a worm that later hatched young are still able to get the feed intake as feed to be given in the form of liquid , the liquid feed will seep down until a child can eat worms , without having to go up to the surface. Then , after going to periodically add new media ,