Tuesday, April 29, 2014


1 . Traditional medicinea. The leaves are dried and crushed pineapple , then weighed 300 mg to 1kg body weight of goats , mixed with water , then drunk and repeated 10 daysonce ( not be given to pregnant animals ) .b . Fresh pineapple leaf thorns removed , weighed 600 mg for 1 kg of body weightgoat , goat and then given to the 10-day
GLOBALBOLA.COM AGEN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 SBOBET IBCBET CASINO POKER TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYArepeated once ( do notgiven to pregnant animals ) .2 . Medication manufacturerUsually using albendazole , or ivermectin valbanzen repeated every 3months.preventiona. Keep the cage clean and dry .b . Dispose of dirt , garbage and food remains far from the location of the cage or madecompost .c . Do not graze goats in the morning and in the area ( trymove ) .d . Do not give the grass is still dewy .e . Sabitlah grass 2-3 cm above the soil surface .Disease Scabies ( Scabies / Ringworm )causeSkin parasite ( Sarcoptes sp )symptoma. Red and thickened skin .b . Itching and restless , often scratching the infected skin on the wallcage .c . Ruffled feathers .d . Body parts are often attacked the face , ears , neck and base of the tail .handling1 . Traditional medicinea. Oil 1 cup + 1 tablespoon vinegar + sulfur smoothed 1 tablespoonate or 4 spring onions that have been mashed , then all materialsmixed and apply 2x daily on goat skin to heal .b . Sulfur mashed 3 tablespoons + 1 tablespoon cooking oil rub 2xday until healed .2 . Medication manufacturerInject with Ivermectin in sub cutan ( under the skin ) .preventiona. Keep goats healthy with a sick goat .b . Clean the cage every day , better yet use soap or cleaning agents cage .c . Keep the goat by goat wash with a solution of 2 % asumtol .d . Wash hands before and after contact with goats .diarrheacauseFeed moldy or too young , bacteria , viruses and protozoa .symptoma. Stools watery and the color is light green / dark green to yellowish green .b . Goat limp , if left unchecked can lead to death .c . The feathers around the anus is dirty due to dirt .handlinga. Separate the goats sick from healthy goats .b . Give ORS solution , dissolve 2 tablespoons salt + 2 tablespoons sugar2.5 liters of cold water that has been cooked .c . If the situation does not improve immediately contact animal health workers ( doctorsanimals ) .preventiona. Avoid feeding that causes diarrhea .b . Keep the cage clean.poisonedcausePoisonous plants or plants contaminated pesticides .symptomFoaming at the mouth , convulsions , facial redness and swelling , bloody diarrhea , andsudden death .handling

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SexApa expression is actually desirable woman

SexApa expression is actually desirable woman of her partner so that their love affair became so fiery and fun ? The answer is , women want a man who is able to read and understand in terms of sexual desire meraka .
 Dewapoker.com Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di IndonesiaDid you know that it is actually in this one thing , women have the same passion and desire to men , namely sexual life crave delicious , satisfying at once drugged .For this reason, men are also required to have the ability to arouse desire and passion of women who became her partner in a gentle way , for example by being a good listener willing , to pay attention in every way and do not hesitate to praise her partner sow . Equally important , the woman turns to have wild sexual fantasies as well as men .According to Dr. Johnny Felix G , DMSH , sex counselors graduated from the Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin University , Ujung Pandang , the holder of Male Sexual Health Diploma from Australia , what is desired by men and women in terms of sexual intercourse is the same .Well , now you need to know , there are 10 fantastic sex activity which becomes their favorite . If you want to be the guy who coveted by women , not hurt you to know and understand the points below.

1 . Oral SexMaking love in a way that stimulation cunnilingus vagina area by using the tongue , will provide tremendous stimulus . Because of the ' vulnerable ' woman-owned is a sensitive area and gives incredible pleasure when exposed to gentle touch . Without a doubt , the man who is willing to perform oral sex , for some women is the most basic expression of love .2 . Skimpy ClothesFemale sexual arousal more quickly move not due to physical contact , but also because it is visually and emotionally . For example, staring at his partner 's body wrapped in minimal clothing and transparent , or even look at other parts of the erotic in her dress transparent , it gives different stimulation . It is not separated from , women have such a high imagination than men .3 . Speaking NaughtonTalk naughty ( but not vulgar ) turns required in the life of the couple , because it can give something extraordinary . Naughty chat for some women is something that's fun and can add to the enjoyment of lovemaking . Talk about things that are considered taboo or naughty comments about technique or variation inviting passionate lovemaking can be a variation in sex and are able to provide fresh nuances to the sexual life .4 . Musical EroticIssued swishing sound of music that can touch the erotic arousal of women than men . In general , more women use without a touch of fantasy and can be aroused . In fact , more women can have an orgasm through fantasy . Chant erotic music can be used as a warm-up, including as part of foreplay arouse.5 . Spectacle X-ratedUndeniably, see a pornographic spectacle of a couple of tricks to boost arousal . Watching together before intercourse , can cause erotic stimulation for some women .6th . Games HandOften the case, women are reluctant to have sex because
of physical fatigue due to work but apparently at that time he was wanted to fuck . Instead , ask a woman touches his vital parts can make a woman fascinated and dissolve . Although , that did not continue into the sexual contact , but any woman can have an orgasm when he saw the man reach ejaculation . Masturbation is a good alternative for women as being " absent " , or when he was not in the mood to make love .

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A few anrikel information about Raising Procedures

Thorough and learn about dairy goat farm.
Agen Bola Terpercaya Only you know whether this business is suitable for you or not. Learn in advance what type of goat you need. Do not let you buy a goat which is intended to produce seeds but you dairy milk, such as goat type of course the price is much more expensive than dairy goats. Also learn how to choose a goat that has its own udder that good.You know how much capital you have. At least look for breeders who had already begun to learn from him.
If you had not been previously raise goats, goat Maintain first in small amounts, for example 2 tails, learn how to maintain it, how to feed or clean up. Also note how their environment, the environment must be kept clean, because it will greatly affect the quality of milk produced. Try not to let you get the experience of this process.
Try to keep the people closest to you, or your family supportive of this effort. Because of this effort will take a long time, if the family or the people closest to you to support anada in this job, you will be able to reduce labor costs.
Create a business plan to start breeding. Create a spreadsheet that contains all the details of your budget. Work on the plan start up cost - including purchase goats, prepare milk processing equipment, labor hire, leasing or purchasing property and overhead costs
Calculate your profit margin based on an estimate of how much milk and related products (such as cheese and butter are likely to be made in the long term, or short-term diujal goat manure that can be used as fertilizer for) that you expect to sell your farm darihasil. Decide how much money you need to get started and work will start when you get
Agen Judi Online your investment back.
Employ the necessary labor. If you support their families might be able to put some labor into the farm, but you may need a specialist or scholar who is an expert farm too well to pay attention to your goats.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Even so at least we can use the concept of law 20/80 of Vilvredo Pareto

Even so at least we can use the concept of law 20/80 of Vilvredo Pareto . We can use the gauge that measures only 20 % only but able to represent the majority ( 80 % ) measured aspects . Today, the tool is easy personality test once we meet and very varied . Start of projective tests such as tests of graphics ( draw a house , tree , person , & Wartegg ) and the Rorschach test that reveals the human subconscious to test inventory / objective that relies on honesty filler SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA.
Well , in the personality inventory test arguably the most accurate , easy to use and widely used is the MBTI ( Myer Briggs Type Indicator ) . MBTI was developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers named based on the personality theory of Carl Gustav Jung .
Four Scale Trends
MBTI rests on four main dimensions of opposites ( dichotomous ) . Although opposite in fact we have everything , it's just that we are more likely / comfortable in one particular direction . Such as ice cream and hot chocolate , maybe we want both of them but tend to prefer one of them . Each has a positive side but there is also a downside. Well , as it is also the tendency of the MBTI scale . Here are four scales of the MBTI tendency ;